About Me

Hey there, I’m Rachel!

I help people who feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed in life to find more balance, vitality, presence and wellness.

I worked in finance for 17 years but I retrained as a certified Life Coach, Health Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an automimmune disease, at 23, back in 2009. After years of flare-ups and a lack of medication options in New Zealand, I have learned how to settle my body without the use of big medications.

I was born and raised in the rebel county Cork, Ireland but moved to the beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand just over 8 years ago with my partner, and now hubby.


I have always thrived on helping people, and see so much value in obstacles when I can turn around and help someone else through their challenging times.

Changing career, emigrating to a new country, managing a chronic illness and cultivating healthy relationships can all be challenging.

I have learned some very valuable lessons and skills around change management, health management, stress management and how to really create balance so I can thrive in life, not just survive it from day-to-day…… And I’m excited to support you to achieve the same!

Go check out the “A Mindful Life.” page to see how I can best support you. There are free resources, workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions available. See which one fits your needs best!

I offer sessions face to face or by video call.

Currently, I am based between Kinsale and Victoria Cross in Cork for a limited time.

In person sessions are available in 2 locations:

1. The Kinsale Health & Wellbeing Centre, Kinsale, Co. Cork

2. The Therapy Rooms, Victoria Cross, Cork City

To avail of my new Intro to 1:1 Coaching 3-Session package, click HERE.

If you are ready to make some changes, you can contact me here.