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Welcome to Mindful Health Coaching!

  • Are you feeling sluggish with low energy?
  • Overwhelmed by chronic illness symptoms?
  • Tired of waiting around for a diagnosis?
  • Overwhelmed by wellness information?
  • Unsure of what to change?
  • Or struggling to maintain change?


“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and NOT merely the absence of disease or infirmity….”

The World Health Organisation
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What is Mindful Health Coaching?

I work 1:1 with clients to help you:

  • Evaluate where you are right now
  • Evaluate where you would like to be instead
  • Explore what changes are possible and in your control
  • Accept the things you cannot change or control
  • Make a plan aligned to what is important to you
  • Address any blocks/obstacles
  • Learn what lifestyle changes are needed for optimising your health
  • Create your own mindfulness practice so you can manage your mindset and stress to feel more calm and grounded
  • Create a more balanced, meaningful life in spite of health challenges

I know first-hand how hard making changes can be.

I spent most of my life struggling with my physical and mental health.

It’s been a long, tricky road but I’ve managed to learn loads and make the right changes for me.

I still live with low level inflammation and symptoms, but I have more energy, less fatigue, I’m more confident, happy and feel in control of my body, mind and life again.

I went…..

So what did I change?

  • I retrained as a Health Coach – I learned what the latest science says healthy people need to do in order to create and maintain optimum health and the challenges around making changes.
  • I created a mindfulness practice where I learned how to read my body and manage my mind so I could learn what changes suited me best and how to implement them in a compassionate way.
  • I made changes slowly.
  • I built up my support tool kit.
  • I stayed open to learning, setbacks and trying new approaches.
  • I acknowledged the emotional toll it takes and learned to be gentler with myself.

If you would like to make healthier choices that suit YOU, I would LOVE to help you!

I have created this space for you to feel supported as you learn more about wellness and make changes in your own life.

So how can I help you?

1:1 Coaching

I offer sessions in person in Kinsale, Co. Cork and Victoria Cross, Cork City

I also offer online video call sessions.

If you would like to sign up and give it a go, you can contact me here.

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