“When our minds get busy worrying and planning for the future or reliving and regretting the past, we lose our connection to here and now. We find it hard to unwind our minds and bodies. Practicing mindfulness allows us to park our busy minds and access the calm in the present.”

Hello there and welcome to A Mindful Life! 

I’m Rachel.. I’m a certified Life Coach, Health Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator.

What does that mean?

I help people create the life they love to live. Too often we feel alone and stuck in life. We suffer in silence in jobs we hate, in toxic relationships or with chronic debilitating health conditions. But you don’t need to live your whole life like that. We can unravel the life we’ve found ourselves in, understand how we got there and rebuild a life we choose from the ground up.

After finding different ways of relieving stress and creating wellness in my own life, my passion is to help others do the same. Creating a Mindfulness practice has transformed my way of thinking, how I feel emotionally and physically and how I experience my life. It’s helped me calm my stress response, manage anxiety and chronic illness pain management. In short it has given me peace.

I wanted to create a space to share my little nuggets of knowledge with whoever may need it, because learning is freedom!

I have learned that the keys to making changes are raising our self-awareness, understanding ourselves better and being mindful of the choices we make.

Our biggest obstacle to making changes is ourselves and our inability to understand who we are, why we act the way we act, why we feel the way we feel.

Mindfulness isn’t just a stress tool you can whip out of your tool box when times are tricky. Creating a life mindfully and with intention allows us to own our choices, get control back over our lives and live a life with meaning, purpose and peace.

Hopefully my blog and videos will give you an introduction to what Mindfulness truly is. They should also help you tackle some surprisingly common habits, mindsets and beliefs many of us have picked up whilst living mindlessly.

I also provide courses and 1:1 coaching for those who need extra help in building their own Mindful Life.

Right! Here we go! Let’s dive in. You may have heard about Mindfulness.

A common misconception about Mindfulness is that you need to spend hours on end on the floor, cross legged whilst meditating, which just isn’t the case. Feel free to do that but it’s not a requirement to establish a mindfulness practice. Yes, Meditation can be used to help build a mindfulness practice but it is just one of many tools to be used.

Mindfulness isn’t just a list of stress relief techniques, it’s a way of thinking and being. It’s paying attention in a particular way to one thing at a time. It’s essentially moving away from mindlessness.

In today’s society, it’s normal to live on autopilot. Our thinking and behavior is automatic. That serves many people just fine, but for most, we find it hard to sit still, unwind or just be ok with not “doing” anything. This leaves us very dependent on situations around us to be a certain way in order for us to feel ok. We’ve surrendered the control of how we feel to all things external to us.

We’re currently experiencing a mental health crisis especially in our younger generations so it’s never been more important to raise our self-awareness around how we’re thinking and feeling.

A lot of people presume they are who they are and they cannot change. They believe the brain grows and becomes set and stagnant with no ability to change. That’s simply just not true. The brain is constantly processing information and making sense of it. If we repeat something over and over again it becomes a habit and we no longer have to consciously decide to do it. If we want to change the way we think we need to introduce a new concept and practice it. This is called Neuroplasticity. It is the ability to create new neural pathways in the brain through growth and experience.

The brain is a muscle and the way we exercise and strengthen it is by shifting our attention intentionally.

Thinking is a tool, not a constant stream of thoughts.

My hope is to build a library of information for you to access and help you raise your self-awareness and build your Mindfulness Practice.

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