10 Mindful Gift Ideas 2021

It’s Christmas Season and the countdown is officially on! I’m off to the local market in the morning to sort out my last few gifts! Gift giving is my favourite part of the season…. that and all the sweet treats!!

I used to get flustered by gift giving and just splurge money I didn’t really have just for the sake of buying something. I’m a lot more mindful these days. There’s so much more value in a meaningful gift. Whether it’s handmade or bought, physical or a gesture. Whatever lets the person know, I’ve taken the time to figure out something they would like and appreciate.

If you are tired of giving meaningless gifts for the sake of it and want to take the opportunity to show your loved one you care and want to contribute to their well-being, here are my top 10 mindful gift ideas.

1. Your Time

This is my favourite gift to give and receive. The best gift you can give is your time and attention. Pick something that they love to do and book them in for a date. Block out the time, manage distractions, practice active listening and have fun! Creating memories are priceless!

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2. A Journal

Too often we live in autopilot led by our racing minds. Journals are a great self-care tool to self-reflect and manage an overwhelmed mind. Self-reflection is the key to building awareness of what we need and want from moment to moment so we can be more mindful of our choices and build a life we love to live. Wouldn’t you want to receive that gift??

3. Essential Oils

Awaken their senses and calm their nervous system with a variety of essential oils to burn on a candle burner or massaged into their skin. An enticing aroma guides us back to the present moment with minimum effort. Massaged into their skin or burned on a candle holder, they’ll get the benefits either way!

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4. Skincare

Encourage them to take some time out for a mindful pamper session with a face mask, oil, mist and balm.

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5. A Tea Set

A pretty tea set, paired with some aromatic and tasty tea leaves, are a lovely motivator to encourage them to take mindful resets throughout their day. Herbal teas have many wellness benefits from reduced pain, increased calm, boosted immunity and improved digestion. They’re also a great excuse to gather around to connect!

6. The Mindful Reset Programme

You could sign them up for The Mindful Reset Programme waitlist. It’s a programme I designed. It guides others through a process of resetting from habits that no longer serve them and create long-lasting change. Simply add their name and email to the form below and I’ll keep them posted on the launch details!

7. Adult Colouring book

Colouring books don’t have to be just for kids! Colouring is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and take a break from device stimulation. Did you know, the simple act of colouring has the power to reduce stress, improve mood and kindle creativity by creating neural pathways and connections in the brain… what a great gift to give!!!! I personally love colouring mandalas. I find them hypnotising!

8. A Great Book

A book can be a great escape from reality to give our mind a break from our busy lives or a great way to pick up some useful wellness tools and tips. It’s also a great way of unwinding in bed before sleep instead of relying on endless device scrolling. Here are my top adult fiction and adult non-fiction self-development books this year!

9. A Planner

Prioritising and planning our days and tasks is a great way to stay organised and relieve stress or overwhelm. We can stay aware of our pressing tasks and be mindful of how we spend our time and energy. A well laid out planner can transform the way your loved one experiences their day-to-day. Here are a few examples:

10. A Weight Blanket or Hoodie

Give the gift of cosy comfort with a weighted blanket or hoodie. There are many wellness benefits with these goodies: reduced anxiety, calming of the nervous system, better quality sleep and more. Sometimes we forget how to create a safe place for ourselves when we’re wound up, stressed or feeling burnt out. These cosy comforts are a great reminder!

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