GIFT ALERT! The Mindful Flare-Up Guide

Living with chronic inflammation can be quite challenging to navigate. You can be trudging along with life just fine and then BAM! – something triggers your faulty immune system and suddenly the most vulnerable areas of your body start to burn and sometimes bleed.

You try to deny it’s there at first, but bit-by-bit your energy depletes, the pain gets worse and the only way out is to surrender to rest. You go through the process of re-arranging work, cancelling plans and then the wave of grief kicks in.

A few weeks ago, my second Covid vaccination triggered an inflammatory response in me. On one hand this is great, it shows my immune system kicked in to start building antibodies. On the other hand, it has been challenging re-arranging my life to deal with pain and inflammation again.

Good news for you though, I was reminded of the tools I’ve gained when dealing with an inflammatory response and I’d love to share them with you!

These tools help:

  • Navigate the different stages of a flare up.
  • Recognise what stage you are at.
  • Identify the challenges of each stage.
  • Understand what to expect from your body physically and emotionally.
  • Clarify what is needed to do in each stage to prevent more frustration and upset.

I have collated these tools and designed a guide to help you navigate the different stages of your flare-up.

Normally valued at NZ$20, for a limited time only (between now and Christmas 2021) I’d like to gift this to you for FREE!

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