3 SELF-CARE REMINDERS | Do you find it hard to put yourself first?

Have you woken up in the back seat of your own life and not sure how to get back in the driving seat?

Sometimes we avoid conflict so much we forget the importance of asserting what we want and need. This might be tolerable in the short-term but over time can be quite restrictive.

Sometimes we try keep others happy to make ourselves feel safe and secure. Sometimes we expect others to do the same for us but are met with disappointment and resentment.

Sometimes we feel obliged to put ourselves at the back of the queue because we view self-care as selfishness.

Keep these reminders in a safe place!

Often our beliefs get us tangled in situations we feel we can’t get out of.

Next time you say yes when you want to say no… Think about who you are saying no to by saying yes!

Change your belief, change your mindset, change your situation!

Give it a go! Heal yourself from the disease to please!

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