Sense Yourself – Wellness Workshop Queenstown

Hey there!

I’m super excited to introduce my Sense YourSelf Workshop at Nadi Wellness Queenstown.

✨Are you feeling stuck? Overwhelmed?
✨ Unsure of what you want?
✨ Feeling disconnected from the life you have created and the people around you?
✨Itching to make a change but not sure where to start?
✨ Are your go-to stress relievers not working for you like they once have?

“It’s hard to connect with the life you are living when you have disconnected from yourself.”

We spend so much of our lives living in autopilot, going from one week to the next, and supporting those around us. It’s easy to lose the sense of who we are and what we value, want and need.

When we have a wavering sense of self we tend to:
✖️Push ourselves too hard.
✖️Say yes when we mean no.
✖️ Feel small, powerless and dependent on others.
✖️Struggle to make decisions and second guess ourselves.
✖️Feel frustrated and resentful of others.
✖️Feel lonely and disconnected from those around us.
✖️ Be more prone to anxiety, depression, stress and overwhelm.

In this workshop we are going to create space for you to:
✔️ Reflect and explore your sense of self again.
✔️ Identify what is important to you.
✔️ Address obstacles that are standing in your way.
✔️ Create some practices that help you tune into your sense of self more often.

Workshop details:
Date: Thursday 12th of May 2022
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: Nadi Wellness Queenstown
Investment: $49

Email to book your place or feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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