Wellness Workshop – Queenstown 28th of Feb 2021


@sherwood_queenstown are hosting a FREE Wellness day on Sunday Feb 28th, filled with classes and workshops covering all things Wellness…. and I have been kindly invited to run a workshop! 😊🙏

I’m going to be talking about the importance of Connection as Medicine!

As Health Coaches, we support our clients through Lifestyle Medicine for illness prevention and as a primary treatment option. Lifestyle Medicine can be broken down into 4 categories whereby our Food, Fitness, Sleep and Connection choices and habits all play a vital role in building a foundation of wellness and optimal health. We’re going to look at the importance of Connection. Connection to ourselves, to others and to nature. We’re going to look at what the science says, what obstacles exist today in making healthy connections and how we can begin to overcome them.

For more info and to register to attend you can head to the Sherwood Wellbeing & Yoga Studio FB page or click the following Facebook event